Network Support For Computer Motherboard

In any type of computer, motherboard is the main component, which holds many vital parts of the system and provides connections to other peripherals. It acts as a communication highway. Each part of the computer system communicates to each other through the motherboard. The objective of the motherboard is provide a communication channel to all other peripherals and parts of the computer system.

Brief History Of Motherboard
In the earlier times when computer was first invented, the device used to be built in a frame or a case with parts connected through a backplane. The backplane comprised a set of slots interconnected through wires. After the arrival of printed circuit boards, the central processing unit, read only memory, random access memory, peripherals were mounted on the PCBs. As time passed by in the 1970s and 1980s, more and more numbers of components started getting housed on the motherboard due to economical reasons. In the 1990s, the motherboards became capable of performing video,audio,networking and graphics functions.

Overview Of Motherboard
Generally a computer motherboard has microprocessor, main memory and other vital components, mounted on it. Other parts like video and sound controllers, external storage and peripheral devices are connected to motherboards through plug-in cards. In the latest motherboards, all these components are mounted directly.

Motherboard Chipset
One of the most important component of motherboard is chipset. It controls the data flow through the data bus of the motherboard. Channelizing the data to the correct component is the primary objective of the chipset.

Motherboard Components
The motherboard contains connectors for all components. Expansion slots for PCI,ISA,AGP,DIMM and external connections for serial and parallel ports,USB ports,sound card,keyboard and mouse are mounted on it.

Keyboard & Mouse Connectors
All computers have keyboard ports connected to the motherboard. Two most commonly used connector types are DIN and AT. Nowadays mini DIN PS/2types of connectors are replacing ST types of connectors. PS/2 style sockets could be used with AT types by using a converter. USB connectors are also found in some PCs.

Parallel Port
Parallel ports are used by printers. On parallel port, multiple wires are used for carrying data signals. A 25 pin female DB connector is used in parallel port. Motherboards directly support parallel ports through direct connection or dongle.

Central Processing Unit
The component is also known as CPU. It controls all operations that are performed inside a computer. CPUs are basically large scale integrated circuits in rectangular small packages with multiple connecting pins. CPU consists of mainly two components,namely Arithmetic Logical Unit(ALU) and Control Unit(CU). ALU performs arithmetic and logical operations and CU fetches instructions from memory and execute them.

Universal Serial Bus
Universal Serial Bus or USB is an industry standard connection for PC. The speed of USB 3.0, the latest standard of USB, is 5 Gbits/second.

Basic Input Output System- Read Only Memory(BIOS ROM)
The BIOS ROM chip, which is a permanent memory,contains the software program which performs the basic operations when the computer is switched on. When the computer is powered up, the microprocessor searches for basic diagnostic information in BIOS ROM., such as, how much memory is available, whether all peripherals are working properly, if an external drive is connected,etc. When diagnostic information is found to be OK, then only the computer starts its operation.

Random Access Memory(RAM)
RAM is a temporary memory. It is used to store data when computer is powered up. Once the computer is switched off, this memory id erased.

Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory(EEPROM)
EEPROM is erasable programmable read only memory. It is possible to read from and write to this type of memory. Once the computer is switched off, data stored in EEPROM is retained.

Generally two types of slots are available on motherboard, namely AGP slots and PCI slots. AGP slots are used for graphics cards, while devices like modems, network cards and sound cards use PCI slots.

IDE Connector
This connector is used for connecting hard disks, CD and DVD.

Floppy Connector
The computer’s floppy drive is connected through this connector.

PC Support
Since motherboard contains so many components, any defective component could make the computer nonfunctional. Many online network support providers are rendering round the clock support for motherboards. In case the user faces any problem related to motherboard, immediately the help of PC support providers should be sought to mitigate the problem.

Samsung Galaxy S Mini Peak Advancement Of Mobile Technology

Samsung Electronics, a Korean based telecommunication organisation and one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers worldwide is competing with other brand names in the mobile phone market and the latest addition to this family is a smart phone released as Samsung Galaxy S Mini. Samsung launched the Galaxy series to compete with Apple’s iPad and Galaxy S Mini is the advanced version of that model.

Samsung Galaxy S Mini possess great display features. Apart from its light weight of 113 grams, it possess 3.5 inches wide touchscreen display supporting 320×480 pixels resolution and 16M colors. Besides, TouchWiz v3.0 UI, swype text input method, touch sensitive controls and accelerometer sensor greatly adds to its display properties. Black color of the gadget adds a stylish look to it.

The gadget also features a 5 mega pixel camera supporting Geo-tagging, face and smile detection. Apart from that, it also possess auto focus and LED flash which greatly adds to its high resolution of 2592×1944 pixels. It also supports QVGA quality video recording feature at 15fps speed. Besides, it also possess 158MB internal storage and external memory of 2GB which can be expanded up to 32GB.

The hi-tech gadget is running on Android v2.2 Froyo operating system powered by 800 MHz ARM 11 processor. Other features like 3G, GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB etc. are also included. Apart from that, it also feature numerous applications including Google Search, Maps, YouTube, Picasa integration, Gmail, image editor, document editor, Organizer etc.

Samsung Galaxy S Mini deals are provided through various online websites to avail the gadget at cheap rates. All the major service providers in the UK mobile phone market like O2, Orange, Vodafone etc. through deals including contract, pay as you go and Sim free variants. Among all these deals, Samsung Galaxy S Mini attract maximum customers as it not only provides the gadget at cheap rates for a specific contract period, but also include free gifts and incentives like laptops, iPods, free texts, minutes etc. So search for your deal online as per your requirements and get the all new Samsung Galaxy S Mini in your own hands.

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Huawei E353 Mobile Broadband Review

In modem society, wireless product have been poured into peoples life day by day, for it creats wonderful and convenient world for people. However, How to select one that suitable for you? It is a still big problem for people who are not familiar with some wireless products such as 3g router, 3g modem? As an emerging leader of global telecommunication devices, Huawei may give you some good suggestions.

Huawei E353 Mobile Broadband –HSPA+ 3.75G USB Modem

Before we begin, lets review wireless world in modern life. With the improvement of science and technology, after 2g network, 3g, 4g have appear in views of people. How we judge their features? I recommend Huawei E353 mobile broadband. As a free update of Huawei E352 USB modem, HuaweiE353 mobile broadband is one of the newest USB modem and adapted HSPA+ network technology. Huawei E353 mobile broadband works on the 900/2100MHZ frequency band and reaches a peak of 21.6Mpbs downlink high speed. It is also called 3.75G network and very close to 4G. In addition, the Huawei E353 USB modem has a faster access time, it only take 15 second to connect the internet after your inserting it into your PC, Mac or laptop.

Huawei E353 mobile broadband has get good reputation based on its high speed and impressive features and affordable price, and it is a perfect device for individuals who dont want to lag behind when it comes to high speed and stability. If your job need you to travel all over the world, then Huawei E353 USB modem will be an ideal one for your checking emails, reading news, watching movies or surfing the web at any time, or you require to download or upload a large file at a regular basis, even you are game-lover, for HSPA+technology has a larger data throughout than current 3G, absolutely Huawei E353 mobile broadband can offer amazing performance enhancement. You know, to modern day, time and profession business have become competitive keys that you beat other opposites, I promise that it will not disappoint you.

Huawei E353 mobile broadband make users enjoy the experience of high speed, and Huawei E353 USB modem adapts driverless design is easy to use: when you insert Huawei E353 mobile broadband into one port of your PC, Mac, laptop, and the OS will recognize and start install wizard automatically. After the programs are installed, a shortcut for the dashboard will appear on your desktop. It is quite easy and very convenient,isnt it?

To sum up, do you want to experience 4G network in advance? And if you want to get speedy mobile network whenever on the move, Huawei E353 mobile broadband may be your good partner.