Career In The Telecom Sector

India has grown through leaps and bounds, the sector which has lead the whole economy to grow and develop, and reach where it is today. Students are always encouraged to choose the career of their choice, to make them put their whole- hearted efforts in the work. Almost all the industries provide great opportunities for the students to show their creative side, and work according to their interests. One sector which has grown to a great extent and in many ways the basis for many other industries to develop is Information Technology.

Telecommunications, a part of the IT industry, has grabbed the attention of a large number of students as their career prospects. Also, the career in telecom sector is very flourishing, with the industry booming and showing great growth rate. Telecom industry is said to be the industry, which even faced the recession well enough, and was not much struck by the same. Therefore, one can find a lucrative as well as a promising career in telecommunications sector. For pursuing a career in telecommunications, a student can opt for any of the following telecom courses, depending on his level of education:

Bachelors of Science in Telecom Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology
Certificate in Computer Forensics
Diploma in Telecom Engineering
Certificate in Computer Science
Bachelor of Science in Mobile Internet Communication Informatics
Certificate in Information Technology

The degree courses require a time period of four years, in which the student is made to learn all the technicalities of the subject. A student needs to have physics, chemistry and maths as his subjects in the senior secondary examination to pursue his career in the telecom sector. There are many subjects in the telecommunications industry, which the student can choose as his specialisation, some of them are:

Telecommunications and System Lab
Statistical Signal Processing
Optical Communication & Networking
Cryptography & Network Security
Speech And Audio Processing
Advanced Computer Networks
Image & Video Processing
Wireless Communication
Satellite Communication
Multirate Systems And Filter Banks
Antenna Theory And Design
DSP and Micro Controller Lab

Telecommunication sector is so vast, that it provides opportunities for all the students, whether he is a degree or diploma holder. The various sectors and job responsibilities in the telecom sector are:


Telecom Software Engineer
Telecom Systems Solution Engineer


Telecom Hardware and Software Engineer
DSP Chip Design Engineer
Real-time Computer Systems Developer
Performance Optimizer


Communication Engineer
Mobile Communication Engineer


Image Processor
Video Engineer


Antenna Design Engineer
Telecommunications Equipment Designer


Research Project Supervisor
Technical Support Provider

With the advancement of every sector, and the booming technology sector, the growth of telecommunications as a sector is very bright, and even scholars have predicted the industry to grow at a great rate in the upcoming years. The career prospects of the students in this field are also very brilliant, due to the vastness and the number of opportunities provided by this sector to the students. Students in any field are very finicky about their future as a whole; therefore, they make it sure that the career they are opting for is worth it and would definitely help in producing lucrative results overall. Companies like Bharat Sanchar Nigam, MTNL, ISRO, Oracle, TCS, WIPRO, Airtel, siemens Communications, TATA, Vodafone, Honeywell, IT Solutions, Infosys are few of the companies, covering private as well as public sector, which holds the future of the telecommunication students.

Booming Career In The Telecom Sector

A degree in engineering is one of the most respected and the demanded degrees, not only in India, but across the globe. The students are very much firm about choosing their career option and leading it in a positive direction. The number of engineering colleges has been growing in India and therefore the students get more opportunities to opt for their courses of their choice. Engineering sector has been grooming very fast and there are few industries, which have developed a lot and are expanding its wings for more of the new talents to give their inputs in their expansion. One of such sector is telecom industry. The industry has a large number of opportunities, and a student can find a safe and a secure future in this sector. Telecommunication has become an important part of the lives of human beings, therefore giving way to a large number of new opportunities to come up. Advancements in the telecom and IT industry, has made the life so easy and hence each and every development made in this sector, is welcomed with open arms by the common, resulting to the success and growth of the telecom industry.

The advancements in the telecom and IT industry have lead to the increase in demand of courses and colleges, teaching these developments and making the students capable of progressing in the respective industry. The Indian telecom industry is the second largest in its category in the globe, and therefore has abundant opportunities for the students taking education in the telecom sector. The students opting courses in telecom field, need to have a science background and must have strong basics in maths, computers and physics. Bachelor in Telecom Engineering is the basic four year graduation course, which the students opt for making career in this field. There are many other degree as well diploma courses in this field, doing after which a student can aim for a prospering future in the telecom industry. Few of the IT courses are:

Bachelor in Telecommunications Engineering
Diploma in Telecom Engineering
Bachelor in Computer Technology
Certificate courses in Computer Science
Bachelor course in Mobile Internet Communication Informatics
Bachelor in Information Technology

Other than the above mentioned courses, there are specialised management courses in the telecom sector, which are provided by a number of colleges in India. The telecom management courses are provided by the top management schools of India and have both the undergraduate as well as post graduate courses for the same. Following is the list of the colleges in India, providing courses in the field of telecommunications:

Academy for Aeronautics and Computer Science, Pune

International Institute of Information Technology, Kolkata

Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management, Pune

Sathyabama University, Chennai

Amity Institute of Telecom Technology and Management, UP

St. Joseph’s College of Engineering, Chennai

Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune

Indian Institute of Telecom Management, New Delhi

CIEM (Calcutta Institute of Engineering and Management)

Ansal Institute of Technology , New Delhi

Institute of Aeronautical Engineering and Information Technology, Bangalore

After completing these courses, a student can pursue his career in specialisation of his choice. There are courses available in these colleges as per specialisation choice of the student also, which can be wireless communication, signal processing, computer networking, satellite communication, speech and audio processing, networking security, etc. Attaining these specialisations, a student can lead his career in the direction he wants with a more refined manner. Telecom engineer, Telecom manager, Systems developer, Telecom analyst are few of the major job fields, where the students can apply for jobs after completing their education in the telecom sector. There is tremendous number of job opportunities available in the telecommunication sector of India, which consumes the students hailing from different specialised education fields.