Voip & Sip Trunking For Your Michigan Business Phone System

saw a broader adoption of SIP as a phone standard and for good reason. Whether you are based in Michigan or have offices nationally or internationally, cost continues to be a primary driver for change in any enterprise, and SIP offers businesses large and small an opportunity to achieve significant cost savings in their monthly communications bill. These costs savings are a direct result of lowering long-distance, maintenance, support and administrative costs.

Once an IP telephony system is in place, the costs for adds, moves, and changes may also drop.

What is SIP?

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is an IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) defined signaling protocol, widely used for controlling multimedia communication sessions such as voice and video calls over Internet Protocol (IP). Put slightly differently, a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) connection is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that connects a company’s private branch exchange (PBX) telephone system to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) via the Internet.

Scalability & Cost Benefits

SIP Trunking has the benefit of easily expanding your network and system as your needs change. For example, with an IP PBX installed at your main office, there is no need to incur additional cost of installing an additional PBX when you open a secondary location. There is also no need for additional wiring and other installation costs. All you need to do is add phones and terminals and you are able to make both internal and external phone calls through the PBX located at the main office.

Additional Benefits

In addition to considerable cost savings and scalability, SIP provides other benefits for the business telephone user, including:

— Simultaneous ringing with a smartphone and your desk set phone
— Transfer of calls between a smartphone and a desk phone
— Smartphone Apps (such as the Bria App for iPhone and SIPDroid for the Android) that lets you do VOIP (no per minute charges)
— Find-me functionality
— Audio messages delivered as a WAV file directly to your email

SIP is quickly becoming recognized as the leading standard for voice and video. Hosted VoIP telephony is a solution favored by companies because it uses a broadband connection at high speed for transmitting voice and data over an IP platform, is cost-effective and is very scalable with little effort required. It also possesses ancillary benefits that improve the business process and makes doing business more efficient.

Crossnet Managed Services Provides Network And Telecom System Monitoring

Network and telecommunications services come in many shapes and sizes. There are many that offer the service, but few that truly excel in delivering service and maintenance. Cross Telecom is an industry leader in providing the best in services and Avaya maintenance to clients. One way they have ensured this continued success is through CrossNet Managed Services. CrossNet Managed Services is a comprehensive and flexible suite of managed services, which utilizes Cross Telecoms experience and expertise.
CrossNet Managed Services offers a proactive network and telecommunications system monitoring and management platform, which means you get real-time support of your system; remote system backup for business continuance and disaster recovery, enabling your business to move forward no matter the setback. Systems audit and analysis reporting ensures that your valuable data and assets are effectively reaching your companys goals.
CrossNet Managed Services is one of three pillars that make up CrossNet Services. CrossNet Maintenance and CrossNet Support are the other two pieces. These three components encompass the elements of ensuring stable, secure, and efficient operation of your network and telecommunication systems. Here are some of the features CrossNet Managed Services delivers.
Storage Services: Cross Remote System Backup services provide customers with a secure encrypted offsite disaster recovery copy of Avaya PBX translations. Cross servers are hosted in a SAS70 Type II certified data center, and data is encrypted both in transit and while at rest. Backup jobs are scheduled for weekly transfers using secure file transfer protocol. Backup files are encrypted by the PBX using an implementation of Open PGP.
Reporting Services: Cross System Audit and Analysis is a service providing system inventory, configuration information, and analysis for Avaya PBX systems. The audit process collects data from the cabinets, carriers, and media gateways down to the individual stations. Once Cross has prepared the analysis from collected data, an Overall Impact Rating is applied to each PBX surveyed. This allows you to quickly identify PBX systems with the most critical upgrade needs and to prepare migration plans before major support and liability issues arise.
Monitoring Services: Visualize, monitor, and pro-actively manage your environment. CrossTrak Monitoring and Management is a secure distributed network management service that will monitor your entire voice and data network infrastructure. CrossTrak can provide you with proactive availability monitoring, statistical measurements, and real-time alerts and notification.
Cross is an Avaya Premier, National Platinum Business Partner and Avaya Business Partner of the Year award winner. By providing a complete portfolio of Voice, Data, IP Telephony, Wireless, CrossNet Maintenance and Support, Shuangd Services and Cross University, Cross has defined itself as a complete, end-to-end integrator of converged technologies nationwide. Having one of the largest and most experienced technical teams within the industry, Cross delivers business transforming communications solutions that will create a distinct competitive advantage for our customers. For award winning customer service on Avaya telecommunication products, contact Cross Telecom to meet your needs.