Online Education (networking And Telecommunications Degree)

The central goal of the A.S. degree in Networking and Telecommunications in the College of Shuangd Studies is to prepare students either to enter the job market or to move on to a degree program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Networking and Telecommunications with the Business Option, or to another related program at.

The program prepares graduates to:

Demonstrate knowledge of the basic concepts which serve as the foundation for all communications networking systems.

Demonstrate an understanding of the physical and logical principles that determine how data networks, and various telephonic and communications systems work.
Demonstrate an understanding of the history, theory, terminology, and nomenclature of telecommunications systems.
Demonstrate development of a strong foundation in the basic protocols and processes employed in networking.

Demonstrate the analytical skills necessary to apply the basic concepts and principles of networking to the solution of practical problems within a technical environment.

Analyze organizational networking requirements.
Identify and select communications technologies to address organizational requirements.
Demonstrate critical thinking and communication skills required in a technical environment.

The field of telecommunications deals with the process of broadcasting messages over long distances for communication purposes. In olden days, the practice of distributing messages over considerable distances involved the use of various visual signals. In todays modern age, where the use of modern electronics and electricity have become increasingly common among both home and commercial users, telecommunication is widely considered to be one of the basic necessities of life.

Telecommunication in todays world is made possible by the use of cutting-edge electronic equipment such as wired & cordless telephones, fax machines, and through transmission mediums like radio and microwave signals, fiber optics, satellites, and internet.

Technical Community College in Durham, NC

Technical Community College (DTCC) came into being in 1958 with the establishment of Industrial Educational Center to meet the needs educational needs. In 1986, the board of Trustees authorized the name to be changed to Technical Community College. The school has a good track record, and in the 2011 Critical Success Factors Report, it surpassed performance measures in all areas but one.
The Information Systems Technologies Department at offers a wide range of computer-related programs, including networking, office systems technologies and health information technologies. They also offer programs in computer science, operating systems and information security systems. The department has six computer labs that provide students with a hands-on experience. The department offers an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Networking Technology degree program for people pursuing a career in computer networking.
Computer Network and Telecommunications Program
Associate of Applied Science in Networking Technology
The AAS in Networking Technology devoted to networking technology and communications. Students are introduced to the basics of networking in the beginning of the program, covering subjects such as wide-area networks (WAN), router programming, Ethernet, Internet protocol (IP) addressing and local-area networks (LAN). The course teaches networking mathematics, subnetting and terminology.
In the routing basics course, students learn about router configuration using routing protocol configuration and router software. The course helps students develop an understanding of routers and the role they play in different network situations, such as WAN, routing protocols and troubleshooting. The course in wireless technology teaches students several different communications protocols, including programming languages, frequency bands and link managers. Students study wireless mark-up language, wireless application protocol and procedures used in wireless applications.
In the routing and switching course, students begin to learn more advanced techniques. They study advanced IP addressing techniques, command-line configuration of switches and Ethernet switching. Students study spanning tree protocol, virtual local-area networks (VLAN) and VLAN trunk protocol and variable-length subnet masks. The program finishes with a networking project that students develop from the planning stage to execution. The project focuses on documentation, installation, configuration and troubleshooting.
Did you know you can earn college degree online? Well, we have gathered all the information you need to know about online colleges and degrees. Online Colleges and schools offer various study courses including education, business, healthcare, criminal justice, engineering, liberal arts, graphic design, human services, paralegal, animal husbandry, nursing, and many others, same as traditional campus degree programs do. Online colleges have improved a lot lately. Many of modern approved online colleges are creating impressive studying systems for different types of learners.

Simultaneously, many traditional colleges and universities are building online expansion programs. Almost every online course can be concluded without entering a classroom; though, contingent to particular study arenas, some of the online courses may need extra on-site laboratory sessions which prepare students with hands-on experience in the specific field. Online colleges and universities develop expertise for earning undergraduate and graduate certificates for specializations in study areas. Some degrees can be earned in as little as ten months, while others will require a greater length of time.
Degrees In Computer Science – Students who are engaged in computer science degree programs may get astonished to find out that the syllabus is hardly about computers.

Computer science degrees strive to prepare students to fully grasp the technology regarding computer systems and to evaluate and fix difficulties and develop new technologies. There is a robust aim on statistical processing and facts research creating computer sciences an incredibly math-oriented system. With graduation degree in computer science, you can assume to invest a huge part of your education and learning in analysis.

Colleges provide a wide array of computer IT degrees from Associate’s to Masters but the lowest requirement for most companies is typically a four-year Bachelor degree. Several colleges also offer you a computer science degree course in combination with another specialty area such as information sciences or engineering for those students who want to broaden up to more particular job fields after get graduation degree. Career opportunities are guaranteed to computer science students as companies are always in need of experts to create and sustain their software program and hardware. If you want the superior hand in very competitive IT market, a computer science degree would be very beneficial to you.

Degrees in Computer Programming – As a career computer programming seem to be constant in the following couple of years. Given that college students are equipped to be in-touch with the latest enhancements and technological qualifications, there should be no scarcity of job prospects for graduate students with a computer programming degree. Computer coders are those professionals who develop, test and preserve the programs that determine a computer’s utilities.

Programmers develop new computer languages and tools to make computers do certain jobs. Leading companies of computer programmers consist of software development corporations who develop packed and specialized software. These could vary from standard use software, games, educational packages and the like. Computer programmers with a solid technological foundation and knowledge to realize a client’s specifications are often in need. Web-based agencies, multi-media companies, mobile applications, online security are all upcoming new domains that programming students can look forward to as inspiring career prospects.

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What To Look For In A Telecommunications Provider

A good telecommunications provider will be able to provide the best internet connectivity as well as will offer services such as converged IP (internet protocol) to businesses. These providers will also be able to provide practical solutions that will help keep a business well connected (via the internet) and so will give the business a good chance of obtaining complete support for its vital communications. What is important is that before picking a telecommunications provider that you check that the provider uses the best infrastructure without which it will not be possible for the provider to offer any useful services.

By carefully choosing your telecommunications provider, you stand to enjoy greater peace of mind and because the right provider also will be offering round the clock helpdesk features, you will also get to enjoy complete support which means enjoying total connectivity all through the day and night. It is important to first check the range of services being offered and if these are comprehensive and reliable, then you can think about going with the provider.

ADSL solutions are one of the better services that every business needs to get from their telecommunications provider. The right provider will offer such services which will benefit your business in a number of ways including in not having to pay additional costs for higher bandwidth and your business will always be connected as well. In addition, you can utilize their public IP addresses for your emailing and of course you are sure to get high speed internet access as well.

In fact, it pays to go with a provider that offers a wide range of solutions such as self regulated and usage based ADSL solutions that allow customers to pick their own bandwidth and in addition, users should also be able to limit their ADSL access spending. This in effect means that with such a solution the customer only pays for what they have used.

Such plans are usually more flexible and this is because there will not be any predefined caps or limits and you also get to choose your own bandwidths. In addition, you can specify how much you wish to use and in this way you can control your monthly ADSL usage costs. These plans are also very adaptable.

Before selecting a telecommunications provider, you should also look at whether they are offering anti spam features. Spam is the bane of all computer users and according to research on the subject it was found that more than ninety percent of emails in a users inbox are spam. This is why it pays to go with a provider that offers complete solutions against spam which will in effect help ensure that single email users are totally protected because the provider uses the most sophisticated anti spam software.

The use of anti spam software will ensure that you are spared the cost of administrating anti spam features on your own. These features also work in a timely manner and the anti spam software works automatically and will completely secure your system.

The key to picking the right telecommunications provider is to ensure that they offer reliable and total connectivity and in addition they should offer wide range of solutions including anti spam solutions.

Cheap International Calls Through Voip Technology- Lowest Call Rates

If you are fond of travelling around the globe leaving your home – your family, friends or business associates behind, then you must be thinking of spending much money for making international long distance calls. Whatever your purpose of calling, personal or business matters, constant communication does not only relief the longing and loneliness; it strengthens and organizes a relationship. The irony between high call rates and the need for constant calls is now managed by the advancement in telecommunication industry where cheap international calls are now within the budget of everybody.

Communication is a process where data is contained and channeled from a sender to a receiver through a medium. The message should be translated by the receiver and a feedback or reaction will be given in return. There are different means of communication such as speech, song, and tone of voice that are all classified as auditory media. Whereas, nonverbal gestures include body language, sign language, touch, eye contact via media like drawings, graphics and sounds.

Over time, technology advancement has resulted to recent forms of and ideas about communication. One great impact of technology is reflected on telecommunication industry. A great breakthrough was the development of a telephone in 1870. However, traditional phones are coupled with expensive call rates especially for long distance international calls as compared with the cheap call rates offered by VoIP.

Science and technology extremely influenced telecommunication industry through the birth of Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP for cheap international calls online. VoIP along with other terms such as IP telephony, Internet telephony, voice over broadband (VoBB), broadband telephony, and broadband phone is grouped into one as methodologies, protocols, and transmission technologies for distribution of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks like the internet. VoIP functions by converting and transmitting the audio as a data over the internet to a PC user, a mobile phone or a landline telephone.

Voice over Internet Protocol lessens long distance call rates by assigning a local telephone number to your VoIP phone that will let you to bring your phone anywhere around the globe so making phone calls anytime and anywhere is unlimited. Just plug it into any broadband connection so that you can place local calls to your home area code. With VoIP, cheap international calls means that the low cost plan could only reach $0.1 per minute; or could only be around $22 monthly; or $199 yearly and the great offer about it is that it could even be free for some selected countries. Who could imagine making international long distance calls at its cheapest?

VoIP plans could give you a chance to select when making cheap international calls to your home, either prepaid or postpaid. Prepaid plans would enable you to budget your call as you cannot make a call without reloading your account whereas postpaid plans let you experience unlimited and unrestricted calls. Usually, with postpaid plans, bills will be given at the end of the month.

VoIP is the latest trend to watch out. Most VoIP service providers compete to offer low call rates plans including cheap international calls. Once you’ve read this article, go immediately and make a smart decision: select VoIP today!

Monitor Network Hardware and Services with Network Monitor Software

Network monitor software has many great uses such as network troubleshooting and repair, security monitoring and much more. Network Monitor is one such solution for your business. Though it is a professional tool, it remains user-friendly and does not require a particularly steep learning curve compared to many other types of network monitor software. The main purpose of Network Monitor is to thoroughly monitor and analyze all network traffic, recording and storing all of the collected data. It works on any computer running on the Windows platform. The system requirements are quite modest, so you should find that this is a perfect solution in most scenarios.

Network Monitor provides a reliable set of professional features that you need to get accurate results and fully understand and analyze data sent over your network. It captures, displays, analyzes and stores all of the data on any exchanges between computers connected to the network. To achieve this, Network Monitor monitors all of your IP connections. This is ideal for monitoring the behavior of your local area network as well as any applications which access the Internet or any services connected in some way to networking. Network Monitor is very suitable for developers of Internet-related applications, since it monitors all relevant hardware and services. This is perfect for programmers of device drivers, since it gives them the opportunity to thoroughly test every aspect of their software.

Not only is network monitor software a great tool for developers; it’s also great for LAN administrators in any kind of organization thanks to the great potential security boost that it can offer. Network administrators can use Network Monitor to explore any of the hidden traffic between devices on their network. It will help administrators to uncover any potential security threats in the form of hidden traffic which would otherwise remain ambiguous. Additionally, Network Monitor is ideal for monitoring company employees in some respects, since you can use it to detect any restricted activity being carried out by a member of staff. Since all data sent across the network is displayed and recorded, you should be able uncover any potential security risks or other problems in no time.

Network Monitor is a trustworthy application from HHD Software, a well-established company in the world of hardware monitoring solutions. Developed by highly trained and experience professionals in the area of network communications, you can be sure that Network Monitor will live up to your expectations. Ultimately, Network Monitor will help you to save time, money and stress. It has helped many people already from software and driver developers to network administrators and computer security personnel. Network monitor software takes a load of work off your hands and helps reduce the risk of human error since it takes care of all of the monitoring of network protocols and complex data flows. Instead, you can focus fully on your own work, without having to get bogged down in other complications.

Learn more at and download the 14-day trial period today! There are four different versions to choose from if you decide to purchase Network Monitor.