Welcome to (Rajasthan Institute of Technologies & Engineering Science)

Welcome to (Rajasthan Institute of Technologies & Engineering Science)

Founded in 2004, Rajasthan Institute of Technology and Engineering Science was set up when the educationist and technocrat engineer Er. Bhuvanesh Sharma and Er. Parul Sharma felt the need for such a forum to rear the nascent initiative for spread of technical knowledge of Aeronautical Engineering ,

Electronics and Telecommunication, Computer Science & Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace engineering , managing education, Distance learning education, Animation course & foster the interest of the profession.

riteskota Institute prepare students for Chartered engineering programs of Govt. of India recognized societies which are treated equivalent to B.E/B.Tech from any university not only in INDIA but abroad too. Over 80,000 candidate appear these examination conducted at a large number of exam centers all over the India.

Courses offered by Rajasthan Institute of Technologies & Engineering science (RITES)

Undergraduate: The college offers the following undergraduate programme:

B Tech:

1. Chemical Engineering 2. Electrical Engineering 3. Architectural Engineering 4. Civil Engineering 5. Computer Science & Engineering 6. Mechanical Engineering 7. Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering


Undergraduate : The candidates must have passed in 10+2 examination with minimum 55% marks in aggregate in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (along with English), from any recognized Board.

PG Level Courses: 1 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering 2 Mechanical Engineering 3 Computer Science & Engineering 4 Civil Engineering 5 Electrical Engineering 6 IT Engineering Contact Us : – Head Office : Rajasthan Institute of Technology and Engineering Science 2-A-12/A, Talawandi, Keshavpura Cirle, Kota (Raj.) Phone – 0744 3291567,3237100

Email : riteskota@gmail. Website: www.riteskota.com

Corporate & Branch Office:

Rajasthan Institute of Technology and Engineering Science

Plot No 14, Satabdi Nagar, Opp. India Gate, Tonk Road, Jaipur (Raj.) Phone : 0141 3198201, 3191567 Email : Website : www.ritesworld.com

What To Buy – Samsung Or Micromax

Today the Micromax is a well recognized name in the mobile industry especially in the wireless telecommunication industry. The company manufactured the products dependence on novelty and design, use of advanced technologies and having the depth knowledge of current consumer market. It directly challenges the brands like Samsung mobile but this is only in talks only Samsung is the very old and reliable brand in Indi a and to compete with them Micromax have to do more and more efforts.

It’s true that the Micromax offers the wide range of high-tech featured in low packed budgets but still it is difficult for the Micromax to grab the attention of consumers. Today is consumer has good sense of humor they are well aware about the things and know the tricks of smart shopping. In terms of quality, credibility and durability the Samsung is quite better than the Micromax mobile phones.

Not only for Micromax mobile but it is difficult for other mobile brands to compete with the Samsung mobiles. Today Samsung mobiles have canted the whole Indian mobile market with its great and praise able inventions. If Micromax has low priced mobile range than the Samsung has more than it. Micromax is basically known for its dual sim mobile phones in India and has launched numerous of handsets in the market while how the Samsung remains backward in this feature. To meet up the dual sim demand Samsung has especially launched its guru series in India which are not only comes up with dual sim option but also available at extremely affordable price.

I think there is useless to compete the both mobile brand together, Micromax with Samsung. When it comes to designs of the mobile phones, somehow Samsung is much better in it and this can be proved after looking its colorful Corby series. There are rare Micromax mobile are to be found with the good designs and may be the Micromax Q55 Bling is one of the examples from Micromax collection. Micromax vs Samsung’ at present this term doesn’t suit to the scenario of mobile market.

But Micromax is also trying to winning the hearts of the Indian consumers and using different different strategies to sustain them in the Indian mobile handset market. But it needs huge more time to replace the Samsung mobiles from the mind of the Indian consumers. I would prefer to all mobile buyer to go with the Samsung mobile range than Micromax.

Outsourcing Telecommunication Software Development

Introduction of Telecommunication Software
Telecommunications software is a type of software package that assists in facilitating electronic communications especially those processes that may require audio transmission too. Telecommunication solutions can be of varying kinds that can range from being simple software used by an end user to something more complex that can manage the functioning of complete networks. Telecommunication software developers create a range of different solutions that can encompass wireless application development and mobile solutions too.

At one level, telecommunication solutions aid the development of basic software that assist the local telephone switch to receive and send signals and on the other end it even helps in creating software for wireless application development. The functions performed by telecommunication solutions can be both basic as well as something quite intrinsic.

Telecommunication solutions are being outsourced to a country like India where experienced telecommunication software developers use their expertise to create a range of software solutions. The outsourced company offers a range of services that include development of telecommunication software solutions, testing, implementing, and maintenance of the software solutions that have been developed.

Advantage of Outsourcing Telecommunication Software
Recently a number of clients choose to outsource their telecommunication solutions development to Indian companies where professional telecommunication software developers work on various different technologies to develop customized solutions. There are quite a number of benefits attached to outsourcing wireless application development and mobile solutions to an outsourced company:

1.The need for software solutions are increasing steadily and therefore the demand to create customized telecommunication solutions have also raised. Outsourcing it to companies is a good idea because they have a team of telecommunication software developers that can provide quality service.
2.Costing is an important aspect and outsourcing telecommunication solutions make it possible to get quality and customized solutions at a reasonable cost.
3.A company does not need to hire dedicated resources to create application development and telecommunication solutions.
4.A company can either provide turn-key solutions or even offer assistance in terms of only doing maintenance, implementing or simply testing the viability and functionality of a particular software solution package.
5.One point of contact is available to handle all kinds of service issues instead of dealing with third party or any mediator in between.
6.It is not possible to always hire a person for various different platforms, but one can easily get work done on any platform through an outsourced company because they have professionals trained and experienced in various different technologies and platforms.

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3GTechnology- evolution and success:
The 3G mobiles were incepted with focus on analytics and research. The projects began in 1992 and in 1999 ITU approved 5 radio interfaces. There have been instances wherein suitable and compatible extensions were provided to the pre-existing 2G networks with frequency allocations. Thus the International Mobile Telecommunications -2000 also known as IMT 2000 or the third generation is a telecommunications service that fulfills specification by the International Telecommunication Union.

The 3G mobile phones in India have revolutionized the mobile phone industry with very high demand. With the advanced technology, data may be easily transferred at high speeds as compared to other normal phones. That is not all; technology plays a crucial role in providing fast services in a hassle free manner in 3G phones. The 3G mobiles are especially important in recent times, wherein mobile phones are used not merely for making calls or sending SMS but also for accessing the net and downloading content.

Importance of 3G Mobiles:
Bluetooth connectivity and internet browsing require high speed and sophisticated technology. Such criteria are fulfilled by 3G mobiles that offer speedy internet connections. 3G mobiles give users an unbelievable data transfer speed and better internet connectivity to meet all of their expectations. 3G mobile phones in India were inspired by 2.5G phones that employ the GPRS technology. GPRS stands for general packet radio services and they provide very good and efficient internet speed, thereby enabling speedier browsing. The GPRS technology has been in very high demand until the 3G technology was introduced. 3G phones have stood the test of time, providing users an unbelievable data transfer speed and enhanced internet connectivity. Mobile phone users may avail the best there is, in sending messages via SMS, sending and receiving photos, videos, and audio via MMS, music player, camera, browsing, GPS, video player and much more through the 3G technology.

3G Phones are taking over the mobile phone market place!

Every second smartphone that is coming out from RIM (Blackberry), HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG and Acer these days is a 3G Phones. This implies a greater choice of smartphones that are capable of performing more efficiently for the average mobile phone customers. The fact that the prices of these latest 3G smartphones is also affordable means a greater reach across the length and breadth of UK. UK is actually looking at creating and putting in place 4G network systems which it is lacknig at the moment.

For a network system, work on which began in 2001-2002 in a few countries, the progress made in making more and more regions 3G compatible has not moved at a fast rate. This is because for achieving 3G network compatibility, enire network lines had be built anew and other related infrastrucuture developed. The respective Goverrnments also had there tasks cut out what with holding auctions for letting out the available 3G broadband licenses.

UK leads the way in getting 3G network infrastrucuture in place

Commercial mass market 3G network services were introduced in UK and Italy in March 2003. The European Union Council has then fixed 2005 for the completion of the 3G network infrastrucuture in 80 per cent of the European National Populations.

Talking of 3G phones, the coming in and the increasing demand for what are referred to as ‘smartphones’ has had a great influence on 3G phones. The smartphones basically combined the requirements of the PDA phones (smartphone that has mobile internet, camera and the music player) with that of a standard mobile phone. The Apple iPhones and the Android driven Latest mobile phones were flooding the market place then and they fulfilled this niche and in turn, demanded the setting up of 3G network infrastrucuture.

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Now Use Cheaper Telecommunication Services With More Freedom

The telecommunication sector in India is passing through transformation stage. The multidimensional growth and improvement in the services have drawn the attention of almost all the countries. Whether it is cellular data card, cellular postpaid plans, net setter plan or usb modem, every field of communication and internet has expanded considerably. Today, having the best telecommunication has become the priority of everyone irrespective to occupation.

The demand of cellular data card and cellular postpaid plans is increasing fast in almost every part of country. Everyone has so many options to choose the service provider. Till now cellular phone users have the limitation of using the services of only one provider from whom they purchased the connection. If anyone changed the service provider, cell numbers also used to change. Recently introduced portability policy has made it possible to change the service provider without changing the cell number. It means, users are free to choose the best service provider. Telecommunication companies are also trying their best to retain their users. To woo more customer, companies are announcing new postpaid and prepaid schemes. We are all set to see more reduction in the call charges in the near future.

As the globalization is increasing fast, communication needs are no more limited only to verbal communication. People of almost all the professions rely upon the reliable internet services. Here, we have two options -wired one with usb modem and wireless with a movable stick. The companies offer fixed value net user plan and variable valued plans. if the use is considerable high, fixed value plan are better. If someone intends to use internet only for limited period, he may opt for variable amount plans. The continuity and speed are the main consideration of internet users. Shuangds are least bothered for paying little extra if they get better services. Today, cellular users have become smarter because of having so many options. They want not only the most competitive plans but also anticipate best allied services like ease in billing, customer care and plan switchover facility etc. All the Indian telecommunication companies are engaged in updating their working model; soon, we are going to get more advantages.