Donald Trump – Why Acn

Donald Trump and ACN have a contact in place that gives ACN the privilege of mr. Trump’s endorsement of their business. There is no doubt that Trump is getting paid a substantial amount of money to endorse ACN, but on the other hand its a fair assumption to make that he would not be endorsing ACN if the company was not a great company.

However, Donald Trump has no intention of joining ACN even though it’s a good business opportunity. If it really is that great how come he has not signed up as a distributor yet? Of course because he already has a lot of business going on and he has leverage already with all the different enterprises he owns and the many real estate buildings. Network marketing is in my opinion best place to be for the little man. If you don’t have billions to invest like Donald Trump or just millions to invest, this is a fantastic place to be and you can start leveraging as the rich does it for a onetime fee of just 499 dollars.

Donald Trump endorses ACN, the financial aspect of the business, because thats what ACN is – a business. Make no mistake about it. ACN is in business to make money, and apparently they are very good at that. Not once have ACN changed the compensation plan for something worse for the distributors and they have never borrowed any money or joined up with venture capital funds. Donald Trump had one of his best financial supervisors and one of his fantastic lawyers to look into ACN. What he found I cannot tell you, because I don’t know, but he claims to have said: “I want a piece of that company”, when he saw the report. Again Donald Trump thinks like a millionaire and has no intention of joining ACN.

The point is that ACN makes money, but still the vast majority of the distributors don’t. Not due to lack of effort or because they don’t have a big enough reason why. Simply because ACN, like most network marketing companies, teaches old school traditional marketing techniques; talk to friends and family, home meetings, 3-way calling and what have you. These techniques have a 97% statistical proven failure rate in the network marketing industry. Donald Trump endorses ACN as a company and the balance sheet, not the marketing techniques they teach their distributors. They do not work for the majority of the distributors, in fact in the network marketing industry it only works for 3-5 %.