Joseph Wang – China Mobile Is Ready For Rapid Growth

China’s economy may be at a slower rate than the previous growth, but is expected to grow by more than 5%. This is due to these growth estimates, China is expected to overtake the United States as the largest smartphone market.

An increase of nearly 8% share of smartphone sales in the global market in the country, is expected to the end of the current fiscal year. This is not surprising, as the most populous country in the world per capita income increased gradually, advances in technology, the decline in the price of the smartphone.

China Mobile (NYSE: CHL) is the world’s largest telecommunications network, and have nearly 700 million users. The company’s market capitalization hit $ 22 billion, is one of the largest enterprises in the world. Headquartered in China, China Mobile and get 70% of the share of the domestic telecommunications market. Its rival China Unicom (NYSE: CHU) has 20% of the shares, the remaining 10% of China Telecom (NYSE: CHA).

The company’s telecommunications network based on 3G technology is not new in any aspect. It should be noted that the 3G penetration rate of only 18%, the technology is still in its early stages. With the growth in the number of smart phones in the domestic shift more users to the 3G network. It is reported that, as of August of this year, China Mobile has 72 million 3G users, even 10% of the total number of users.

China Unicom, China Mobile, one of the competitors, has a total of 2.27 million subscribers, including 63.7 million 3G subscribers. Between users was 28%, much higher than China Mobile’s 3G penetration.

So far, China Mobile’s competitors, in a dominant position to become the world’s largest telecommunications companies provide 3G services. To recycle the stronghold, China Mobile has announced the launch of 4G LTE services after 2013, smartphone users will not have to switch networks, and enjoy seamless download speed.

To expand its data hungry user base, it recently announced that China Mobile and Apple negotiations with China Mobile’s service contract in the domestic release of the iPhone 5. Transactions between Apple and China Mobile has announced upgrades to 4G LTE technology can actually pass. Ultimately, the deal is expected to a substantial increase in production sales of the iPhone, mainly because of China Mobile’s extensive influence over the country, a large user base. China Mobile can expect the rapid increase in the popularity of 3G, 2G users because of its high-end smart phone manufacturers reputation.

Telecommunications companies to market competition, give subsidies to contract on the phone and its users. After the contract expires, the user can choose to switch or stay in the service provider. If the user decides to stay, and income, as well as ongoing telecommunications company profits. In order to beat the competition, China Mobile announced that this will be the speed of the massive subsidies from the current $ 190 million to $ 4.1 billion, a 215% increase in management. The company has cash reserves of more than U.S. $ 580 billion, which will ensure that the increase in the subsidy does not produce a strain on the company’s business.

The stock performance of the three companies, China Mobile has been a star performer YTD.

Comparison of the three major telecommunications company financial indicators, we can see that China Mobile has the lowest debt / equity ratio. The company also has the highest return on investment, and enjoys the highest net profit margin.

In my opinion, the introduction of new technology, China Mobile may completely change the rules of the game. Most data hungry users want to be the world’s largest telecommunications service providers to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity, which is due to compelling reasons mentioned above, I have a new move “buy” rating.

Using Metrics To Motivate Call Center Agents

The latest generation of call center software allows organizations to monitor agent and department performance at a level that would have been impossible ten or twenty years ago. However these tools are not just for management use. Call center reports provide valuable motivators to agents, inspiring them to excel and boost the center’s productivity.

Giving Agents Control

When agents become isolated, their performance suffers. A workday becomes an endless series of phone calls. There is no sense of progress other than the ticking of the clock, and the only goal is to get through the day. Morale drops. Service quality drops. Customers become unhappy. It’s a death spiral.

Live call center reports allow agents to see how the department is performing in real time. Phone calls are no longer isolated incidents, but rather pieces of an overall flow of call volume. The agent is not alone, but part of a team. Employees can see how individual efforts affect hold times, queue lengths and other statistics. As the number of calls climb they can put in an extra effort, and as call volume falls agents can relax and take a breather.

It’s Like A Game

Goals are an important element of motivation. They allow us to “win” at whatever we are doing, providing a sense of accomplishment. Realistic and achievable objectives improve employee productivity by adding an element of fun to the workday, without undermining the professionalism needed in the position.

Service departments use call center reports in this manner. Agents work to keep queue lengths and hold times below certain levels. They are prompted to work harder to win at the customer service game. Agents take it upon themselves to work harder when needed rather than needing to be browbeaten by management. This internal motivation is an invaluable part of a productive and happy service team.

Service First

There are two things to keep in mind when using call center reports as motivational tools. First, it’s all about customer service. The reason we want to get hold times or queue lengths down is not that it makes our reports look good. It’s because a caller who gets to a human being faster is going to be a happier customer. However when we become so obsessed with getting our numbers down that we hang up on customers before the problem is resolved, we’ve lost sight of the true goal. Agents still need to provide exceptional service to each caller.

The second thing to remember is the motivational benefits of call center reports are lost when we use those statistics to punish rather than encourage. When an agent is not meeting standards something needs to be done, but reprimands and threats often simply lower morale while providing only a token increase in productivity. Low morale service agents may take their bad moods out on customers. Find a positive way to inspire low-productivity employees to work harder.

History Of The Space Hopper

The first ever hoppity hop / retro space hopper was called PON-PON, and was the invention of an Italian who was called Aquilino Cosani. And was based at Ledragomma, Italy.

In 1968 Cosani patented the PON-PON in Italy, and in 1969 was introduced to the United Kingdom through an advert putin the Cambridge Evening News paper. Cosani patented the PON-PON in 1971 in the United States of America. The USA already had a space hopper type toy that people used to bounce on, and this toy was created by the Sun company, and was called Hoppity Hop. All hoppers of this type are called Hoppity Hop or Hippity Hop these days, which was due to the popularity of the earliest hopper distributed and produced by the Sun company.

In the Britain the Space Hopper (UK name) was distributed and produced by Mettoy, which was later to become Mettoy-Corgi. Another company created a different version of the bouncing ball, but this ball had handles that were smooth for the rider to hold, whereas the earliest had opted for ribbed handles for better grip. The other company was called Wembley.

Initially the Space Hoppers were made up of a handle in the shape of a ring on the top of the space hopper type toy which was gripped by the rider for stability, and they were constructed from rubber. These toys were supplied in a choice of just a couple of colors, either red or blue. Sun created themed versions of their Hoppity Hop during the 1970s, which had a hard plastic head fixed to the ball in the shape of some favorite fictional character. A couple of the popular fictional characters used were Micky Mouse and Donald Duck.

The hoppity hop / space hopper was very popular during the 60s and 70s, with a resurgence of interest in the UK during the 1990s, thanks to the rave culture of the time, where the balls were recognised asa neccessary part of the scene. In the United States of America due to an incursion of competition by foreign creators of the toy the Hoppity Hop’s popularity severely faltered and finally the production of the north American version of the bouncy ball came to a halt.

Initially the USA version of the hopper, known as the Hoppity Hop, was aimed at both adults and children, but due to the limited size of the biggest version, it was not really useable by adults except for those close to a kid in size.

Europe of the 1990s brought a version of the bouncy ball went by the name of the Hop, and was created by the Italian company Ledragomma. These were created from a well-liked ball used for exercise at the time called Gymnic exercise balls. These hoppers had a maximum size of 26 inches..

Modern day retro space hoppers – Sizes for adultshave become very popular in later year and can be found in sizes of 120cm, 100cm, and 80cm. They are commonly more robust than the original balls, having much thicker skins

and as a rule built from vinyl rather than rubber.

Steps to Successful Negotiation

Negotiation skills are an attribute which every woman wanting to get ahead must have. In business today, successful negotiation is extremely important and is one of the pre-requisites for achieving success. The following are 5 steps which should be followed in order to negotiate successfully in business.

The very first step is to place yourself in the shoes of the person whom you are negotiating with. Look at things from the other persons perspective and evaluate what their objectives are. This will help you to understand what outcome they are looking for and hence could give you an advantage in the negotiation process. You will also be able to analyze how the other group views you and your proposal.

The next step which should be followed is to know everything about the business you are dealing with. You need to prepare prior to your meeting and find out as much as possible about them. Things which you need to consider should be how well the business is doing at the moment, whether they are carrying out the deal to meet some financial requirement and/or what the purpose is for them to be carrying out business with your company. The main reason for this step is to find out the motive behind the business dealing.

Always remember the person asking the questions is the person who holds the power. Ensure you ask questions to clarify the outcome are required and what is required from you.

There are many techniques involved with negotiation and you should make use of the one you feel most comfortable with. There are generally 3 types of techniques which every woman should select from. These three techniques are:

-Competitive/Conflict negotiation
-Cooperative Negotiation
-Problem Solving Negotiation

Each of these techniques is unique on their own and follows a different plan. Research them all and then select one, which suits your style of negotiation and which also, helps your company fulfill its business needs.

The fourth step is to prepare a strategy. In order to achieve your objectives and come out successful from the negotiation, you need to have a well thought out and planned strategy. You can never predict what is going to happen so being prepared is the best option. Prepare the things you need to say and what you want to achieve beforehand. Knowing this information in advance, frees your mind to concentrate on managing whatever happens on the day.

Some of the tasks you should focus on completing before the meeting should be the time at which you will be carrying out the negotiation – is it suitable to both parties? Next, the duration of the meeting should be kept in mind, have you left enough time between meetings, so you dont have to rush from one to another staying focused is the key. Where should the meeting be held to ensure a successful outcome is also very important?

The fifth and final step in negotiation is that you remain calm. There will be aspects in the meeting when you will not know what to do or say. At these moments the best thing to do is remain calm and patient. Do not let them know you are feeling pressured and most of all, do not let the other party intimidate you. If in doubt, ask a clarifying question.

What To Look For In A Telecommunications Provider

A good telecommunications provider will be able to provide the best internet connectivity as well as will offer services such as converged IP (internet protocol) to businesses. These providers will also be able to provide practical solutions that will help keep a business well connected (via the internet) and so will give the business a good chance of obtaining complete support for its vital communications. What is important is that before picking a telecommunications provider that you check that the provider uses the best infrastructure without which it will not be possible for the provider to offer any useful services.

By carefully choosing your telecommunications provider, you stand to enjoy greater peace of mind and because the right provider also will be offering round the clock helpdesk features, you will also get to enjoy complete support which means enjoying total connectivity all through the day and night. It is important to first check the range of services being offered and if these are comprehensive and reliable, then you can think about going with the provider.

ADSL solutions are one of the better services that every business needs to get from their telecommunications provider. The right provider will offer such services which will benefit your business in a number of ways including in not having to pay additional costs for higher bandwidth and your business will always be connected as well. In addition, you can utilize their public IP addresses for your emailing and of course you are sure to get high speed internet access as well.

In fact, it pays to go with a provider that offers a wide range of solutions such as self regulated and usage based ADSL solutions that allow customers to pick their own bandwidth and in addition, users should also be able to limit their ADSL access spending. This in effect means that with such a solution the customer only pays for what they have used.

Such plans are usually more flexible and this is because there will not be any predefined caps or limits and you also get to choose your own bandwidths. In addition, you can specify how much you wish to use and in this way you can control your monthly ADSL usage costs. These plans are also very adaptable.

Before selecting a telecommunications provider, you should also look at whether they are offering anti spam features. Spam is the bane of all computer users and according to research on the subject it was found that more than ninety percent of emails in a users inbox are spam. This is why it pays to go with a provider that offers complete solutions against spam which will in effect help ensure that single email users are totally protected because the provider uses the most sophisticated anti spam software.

The use of anti spam software will ensure that you are spared the cost of administrating anti spam features on your own. These features also work in a timely manner and the anti spam software works automatically and will completely secure your system.

The key to picking the right telecommunications provider is to ensure that they offer reliable and total connectivity and in addition they should offer wide range of solutions including anti spam solutions.