g Service India Faqs, Speed, Price, Coverage

With the launch of 3G services, everybody wants to know about these services. How can they change the way that we communicate? 3G (third generation) services not only allow us to access Internet at high speed but they also enable us to enjoy multimedia services, the ability to view videos on our mobile phone.
If we compare with a dial-up Internet connection, it typically offers about 56 kbps speed. Whereas a 3G connection will offer you speed of 3.1 megabits per second (mbps) or more. 3G network an ITU specification for third generation of mobile communications technology- was first introduced by Japan on a large commercial scale. At present, there are around 60 3G networks across 25 countries.

3G technologies comprise of three technologies WAP, GPRS and EDGE. WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), an open international standard, is usually used for small mobiles. After the launch of WAP, GPRS was developed offering the speed around 56-114 kbps. It allows the user to avail services like GPRS, PTT, instant messaging/chat facilities, MMS etc. However, it fails to stream live videos more efficiently. After that, EDGE, also termed as 2.75G network, comes in the field of mobile communication. It can carry a bandwidth of up to 236.8 kbps.
With 3G Services, an individual can enjoy a lot of features such as:

* Phone calls/fax
* Send/receive large email messages
* High-speed Web
* Global roaming
* Navigation/maps
* TV streaming
* Videoconferencing
* Electronic agenda meeting reminder

Difference between 2G Vs. 3G Networks-
With HSDPA, 3G technology sends data many times faster as compared to 2G network. Therefore, if youre planning to purchase a new mobile, you should for HSDPA compatibility as it will provide you the data speed on the move. That means, in 3G coverage areas, you can send and receive video content along with audio, graphics and text. However, the speed of network depends upon mobile used, number of users using 3G network simultaneously, coverage and network traffic.

Cost of 3G services-
Definitely, 3G services may have some high price tag as compared to 2G. Because these services will allow you to make video calling whereas 2G will enable you to make voice call. So cost may be high in 3G.

Some Faqs about 3G Services-

1. Do I need to Change your SIM or number for enjoying 3G Services?
No, you need not change either your sim or change your number to enjoy 3G services.
2. Which operators in which circle will provide 3G Services?
Andhra Pradesh: Bharti Airtel, Idea, Aircel
Assam: Reliance, Bharti, Aircel
Bihar & Jharkhand: Stel, Bharti, Reliance, Aircel
Delhi & NCR: Vodafone, Bharti, Reliance Communications
Gujarat: Tata Com, Vodafone, Idea
Haryana: Idea Cellular, Tata Telecommunications, Vodafone
Himachal Pradesh: Bharti, Stel, Idea cellular, Reliance
Jammu & Kashmir: Idea, Aircel, Bharti, Reliance
Karnataka: Tata Telecommunication, Aircel, Bharti Airtel
Kerala: Idea cellular, Tata Telecommunications, Aircel
Kolkata: Vodafone, Aircel, Reliance Communications
Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh: Idea Cellular, Reliance Communications, Tata Telecommunications
Maharashtra & Goa: Tata Com, Idea cellular, Vodafone
Mumbai: Reliance, Vodafone, Bharti Airtel
North East: Aircel, Bharti, Reliance
Orissa: Stel, Aircel, Reliance
Punjab: Idea Cellular, Reliance Communications, Tata Telecommunications, Aircel
Rajasthan: Reliance Communications, Bharti, Tata Telecommunications
Tamil Nadu: Bharti, Vodafone, Aircel
U.P (East): Aircel, Idea Cellular, Vodafone
U.P. (West): Bharti, Idea Cellular, Tata Telecommunications
West Bengal: Bharti, Reliance Telecom, Vodafone, Aircel

3. What are the requirements for mobile broadband?
You will be able to enjoy High speed internet and data service even while on the move. You require a 3G handset and subscription for 3G services to use mobile broadband on your handset. In case, you want to connect your laptop or PDA (personal digital assistant) to 3G network, like while moving in a vehicle, you will require to connect your 3G handset to the computer through data cable, infrared or blue tooth. You may also buy a 3G data card and use the same with your computer to access high speed 3G network.

4. How much data will I use while viewing video?
If youre downloading a video thats meant for a mobile screen, 1mb per minute is a good rule of thumb. Using this rule, a 4 minute video clip would use around 4MB of your daily or monthly allowance. If the video was meant for a TV or PC Screen, or it is over 5 min long, we would not recommend downloading it to your phone, as it may struggle to play it back And you may not have enough storage space on your phone. A better solution for your mobile is to stream the Video.

5. Can I get 3G broadband without plugging a USB modem or data card?
Yes, 3G broadband can be accessed through Handset supporting 3G.

6. What will happen if I am out of 3G coverage area?
You will continue to access 2G/2.5G services in areas where 3G coverage is absent. Please ensure that your network setting on handset is on dual mode.

7. What are the prerequisites for experiencing 3G?
3G can be experienced with 3G connection and 3G compatible mobile handset in 3G covered areas.

Web Conferencing -The Peacocking of the Telecommunications World

For small and medium sized businesses, (especially those just starting out) it is important to look and act as professional as possible in order to be taken seriously when compared against the competitive bells and whistles of the ‘big dogs’. Large companies and those that have established a name for themselves have luxury of being able to access particular types of technology and “frills” that most other businesses do not. Thankfully,conferencing does not fall into that category.

Outside of the fancy office buildings in trendy locations and expensive three-dimensional business cards, genuinely knowledgeable small business owners realize that they get the most bang for their buck by investing in technological solutions like web conferencing.Web conferencing provides businesses of any size the ability to meet, connect, and collaborate with up to thousands of employees as well as current and potential customers – regardless of their location – with quality that rivals in-person meetings.

Web conferencing can provide any company with the best return on their investment because it increases their employee and customer reach exponentially. In fact, one of the biggest advantages of web conferencing is that it allows a business to dramatically expand its reach in areas they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to expand to. By making yourself and your staff available both vocally and visually to clients, your small and/or newly established business has the same professional, competitive image as the ‘big fish’ that have been around for years.

Unfortunately many young entrepreneurs mistake web conferencing as an outdated method of communication. This could not be further from the truth. In addition to being able to launch or attend a web conference via a desktop or laptop computer, manyweb conferencing providers now offer web conferencing applications for smartphones, tablets, and other popular portable devices. This gives you the freedom and ability to arrange either an audio conference or a web conference from literally anywhere you wish: a park, a rooftop, a restaurant – you name it.

Requirements vary depending upon the provider you select, but typically include a microphone and webcam – both of which are frequently already installed on modern computers and portable devices. And without the need for pricey phone plans or specialized equipment, more capital is freed for other aspects of your business. Who knows, maybe with all the money you save by employing aweb conferencing solutionyou’ll be able to afford those hoity-toity business cards after all!

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HTC Desire S Deals- Excel Great Fun With It

HTC phones have gained popularity in less time duration in comparison to other mobile phone companies. It just shows, how hard working are the employees of high tech computers! It is due to the perfect technology they try to introduce in their every gadget which are hardly present near the reach of different mobile manufacturers. A unique invention is done by launching HTC Desire S whose curves are slant and present brilliant appearance. Stunning black color suits on every hands, so no any chance about disliking the shade. In near future, it is assumed to come in few of the more scintillating colors as per brown, pink, red, blue, silver and lilac. Stereo FM with RDS feed ensures of providing soothing sounds over all the tracks, be it pop, rock, classical, folk, disco, jazz & hip- hop.
The 5 MP LED flash camera enables user to perform great working over Geo-tagging, touch-focus, & image stabilization other than that of nicer clicking and recording clips in clear kinds. 3G, GPRS, EDGE and Wi- Fi incorporate together so to give a terrific platform to the internet which is the key source for availing faster services over the world popular social websites namely, Google Search, Maps, Gmail, You Tube, Google Talk & Picasa integration.

Apart from HTC desire S, there are many other mobile phones of HTC which have set its own benchmark in the heart of the buyers. HTC Incredible 2, HTC sensation , HTC desire HD, Freestyle, thunderbolt 4G are few of the examples. Well, coming over HTC Desire S deals we see its presence on the service networks of three, t- mobile, talk mobile, Vodafone, Orange, O2 and Virgin. HTC Desire S contract mobile is the best option of purchasing because many types of free lagniappes would be seen accompanying this gadget. Free LCD, plasma, LED, digital cams, camcorders, tom tom, Bluetooth headsets, ear phones, car kits and Nintendo consoles, Xbox 360 gaming consoles are made available with contract HTC Desire S. Users can have it in pay as you go forms and sim free form too where he will be given useful incentives in the form of free texting and free talk time. Choose the kind and keep chatting.

User can utilize the free minutes in useful group discussions by involving themselves in the live chat with radio channels or the TV channels. Just express your though openly because there are many minutes which help you to go in the depth of the topic. Great battery backup will support you to have continuous chat without any call drop. Get the nicer HTC Desire S for you and enjoy its excellent apps and features.

Text Messaging Tricks

Text messaging is not just for kids anymore. In fact, people of all ages produce more than 3 million text messages a day. Using online tools will turn any phone into a powerhouse of productivity.

Text messaging is very useful. It is often a substitute for e-mails and instant messaging. Short messages are sent via SMS instead of calling the person. It saves time and effort.

For travelers, text messaging is also the cheapest form of communication aside from the internet. You can check on your mobile phone about flight details, tracking a package, checking your bank balance, driving directions as well as updating the calendar. It is also a useful tool when jotting down notes if there is no pen available.

Some mobile phones are more advanced. It is able to get voice commands. In this case, instead of keying in your message, the phone will just listen to your voice and jot down the message for you. The catch is that you have to speak clearly to encode the right message. And depending on where the mobile phone was manufactured, it may have problems listening to your tone and diction.

You can also link up to your email calendar. All the events, reminders and memos you put in your email calendar will be sent to your mobile phone as a text message. You will never have to miss another important occasion again. With just a text message, you can also track calories and packages in an instant. A lot of web services offer information as well as alerting options through SMS as part of their service. If you are curious when your package will arrive, just type in your track number and send it to the appropriate number. You will instantly receive a text alert regarding your package.

There are also banks and other utility companies that offer easy payment via text messages also. These banks and other service companies are tied up with telecommunication networks. Subscribers can start their e-wallets, much like having some savings in their phone. This way, bills can be very easily paid through their phones.

This new trick is very convenient. One does not have to rush to meet the cutoff time of offices or banks. They can pay at any time, anywhere, by just using their mobile phones. Text confirmations will be received when the payment is successful.

Most cellular phones now are equipped with built-in cameras also. Pictures taken from these cameras can be added with text messages afterwards, and then sent to a friend.

Many people are busy with work and other responsibilities. They hardly have time to read the newspaper or watch the news to learn the latest bits around. But with text messaging, all you have to do is subscribe to specific networks and you will be constantly updated via text messages whenever important events are happening.

In the same way, you can also subscribe to your favorite stores and you will be sent messages whenever there are ongoing promotions or factory sales. You will never be far behind from the latest happenings again.

SMS has really gone a long way from just being a communication tool. It has made lives much easier today.

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3GTechnology- evolution and success:
The 3G mobiles were incepted with focus on analytics and research. The projects began in 1992 and in 1999 ITU approved 5 radio interfaces. There have been instances wherein suitable and compatible extensions were provided to the pre-existing 2G networks with frequency allocations. Thus the International Mobile Telecommunications -2000 also known as IMT 2000 or the third generation is a telecommunications service that fulfills specification by the International Telecommunication Union.

The 3G mobile phones in India have revolutionized the mobile phone industry with very high demand. With the advanced technology, data may be easily transferred at high speeds as compared to other normal phones. That is not all; technology plays a crucial role in providing fast services in a hassle free manner in 3G phones. The 3G mobiles are especially important in recent times, wherein mobile phones are used not merely for making calls or sending SMS but also for accessing the net and downloading content.

Importance of 3G Mobiles:
Bluetooth connectivity and internet browsing require high speed and sophisticated technology. Such criteria are fulfilled by 3G mobiles that offer speedy internet connections. 3G mobiles give users an unbelievable data transfer speed and better internet connectivity to meet all of their expectations. 3G mobile phones in India were inspired by 2.5G phones that employ the GPRS technology. GPRS stands for general packet radio services and they provide very good and efficient internet speed, thereby enabling speedier browsing. The GPRS technology has been in very high demand until the 3G technology was introduced. 3G phones have stood the test of time, providing users an unbelievable data transfer speed and enhanced internet connectivity. Mobile phone users may avail the best there is, in sending messages via SMS, sending and receiving photos, videos, and audio via MMS, music player, camera, browsing, GPS, video player and much more through the 3G technology.

3G Phones are taking over the mobile phone market place!

Every second smartphone that is coming out from RIM (Blackberry), HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG and Acer these days is a 3G Phones. This implies a greater choice of smartphones that are capable of performing more efficiently for the average mobile phone customers. The fact that the prices of these latest 3G smartphones is also affordable means a greater reach across the length and breadth of UK. UK is actually looking at creating and putting in place 4G network systems which it is lacknig at the moment.

For a network system, work on which began in 2001-2002 in a few countries, the progress made in making more and more regions 3G compatible has not moved at a fast rate. This is because for achieving 3G network compatibility, enire network lines had be built anew and other related infrastrucuture developed. The respective Goverrnments also had there tasks cut out what with holding auctions for letting out the available 3G broadband licenses.

UK leads the way in getting 3G network infrastrucuture in place

Commercial mass market 3G network services were introduced in UK and Italy in March 2003. The European Union Council has then fixed 2005 for the completion of the 3G network infrastrucuture in 80 per cent of the European National Populations.

Talking of 3G phones, the coming in and the increasing demand for what are referred to as ‘smartphones’ has had a great influence on 3G phones. The smartphones basically combined the requirements of the PDA phones (smartphone that has mobile internet, camera and the music player) with that of a standard mobile phone. The Apple iPhones and the Android driven Latest mobile phones were flooding the market place then and they fulfilled this niche and in turn, demanded the setting up of 3G network infrastrucuture.

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