Generating Quality Leads For Telecommunications Companies

Summary: Telecommunications companies have it rough when it comes to generating leads for their business. Outsourced telemarketing companies may be the best option for this marketing venture. Read on to find out more.

Telecommunication is not just the use of a telephone to convey a message over significant distances. It is the term used to communicate with the use of a wide array of devices for the transmission of information. Before, information sent over lengthy distances was portrayed in a more visual manner like smoke signals, telegraphs, signal flags, and beacons. There are other audible methods used but it was not as vocal as with those devices seen today. Some examples of these earlier audible methods to convey information are Morse codes, horns, drum beats, and loud whistle blowing.

With the advent of today’s technological advancement, people can directly convey what they want to say without having to send signals of any kind to the person who will receive said information. Telephones have been created to bring the age of telecommunication to a bright future. People are no longer restricted to figuring out bleeps and signals to know what the other person is trying to say for they can readily hear and understand them instantly. Nonetheless, there are still other methods being used that still require a bit of a learning curve to master like telegraphs, radio and microwave communications, teletypes, and other fiber optics.

Telecoms is not a static aspect of technology but an ever growing one. Perhaps the greatest example that we can see will be that of mobile phones. Before, if a person wants to contact their friend, relative, or an accomplice, they have to do so with the use of a landline phone. Today, any person that has a mobile phone can contact another person from their contact list even if they are out of their houses.

Additionally, these devices will just be paperweight without the right telecoms service provider. Imagine a telephone or a mobile phone that does not have a service that went along with the device. The whole purpose of having the phone will be defeated. Hence, the product and service will always go hand-in-hand.

It may have become a worldwide phenomenon, but companies that offer these telecom products and services have it rough in terms of marketing their wares. Telecommunications has become such a necessity these days that it is very hard to find suitable clients and customers that may need a new product and/or service for this type of need. Generating telecom sales leads can then become the most difficult and complex marketing venture that they can ever come across.

In order to achieve highly satisfactory results from their IT lead generation campaign, telecommunications companies should employ the right marketing tactic. In this case, outsourcing to an IT telemarketing firm fits the bill.

Getting the services of a telemarketing firm for the purpose of generating telecommunication sales leads is greatly recommended. First off, these firms are able to train well-rounded professionals that can adapt to most, if not any kind of situation that the prospect can bring down upon them during the course of a call. May it be a positive or a negative response; these telemarketers can handle the situation smoothly to safeguard the telecom company’s name from ever being dirtied.

Generating technology leads from such firms lets the telecom company to get the highest quality leads that they so desire. These telemarketing firms are able to handle each and every lead generation procedure beautifully so that the telecommunications company can have the highest of chances in acquiring a sales deal from their leads and prospects.

Broadcasting Pioneer Dzrh Turns 69 By Susan Isorena-arcega

years ago, at exactly 6 in the morning, announcer Hal Bowie took his seat before a microphone in a little studio at the top of the Heacock Building in Escolta, and bid his unseen audience good morning. Thus was born the fourth commercial radio station to operate in Manila. In just a few years, with the entire Philippine archipelago caught in the maelstrom of the Second World War, the fledgling station – which took the call sign KZRH – would buck the challenge of history and remain as the only surviving radio station in the country.

Its auspicious beginnings as the mouthpiece of one of the largest department stores in the Pacific must have laid the groundwork for the stations commercial viability all these years a major factor in the survival of the so-called stepchild of media arts.

New as it was, KZRH management led by Bertrand Silen was not just armed with the technical know-how in radio operations, but likewise had fundamental marketing knowledge down pat. They knew what radio listeners liked and disliked.

Musical variety shows, comedy skits, and short newscasts were the order of the day. Jazz and ballads became standard fare. Together with American wit, the English language spread. KZRH found itself as an advertising medium, with sponsors like Purico underwriting specific shows which carried their names. Apart from 15-minute blocktime sold to advertisers, commercial spots mixing announcements with music were also produced. KZRH found itself amidst lucrative times.

Then came the grim shadow of war. The Japanese Imperial Army took over the sophisticated equipment, which eventually got blown sky-high by the Americans. And while Silens staff considered the best in the Far East found themselves either in Bataan, at the internment camps of Santo Tomas and Los Banos, within the guerilla movement, or simply felled by enemy bullets, plans for the rebirth of KZRH upon liberation were kept alive.

Upon being released, Silen sought help from the National Broadcasting Company in New York to secure new transmitters, and with the Elizalde family financing the new operations at the Insular Life Building on Plaza Cervantes, KZRH was back on the air under the auspices of Manila Broadcasting Company on July 1, 1946 just in time to cover the inauguration of the new Republic.

Soon after, the International Telecommunications Union adjusted the call letters of Philippine radio, and all allusions to the western United States through the letter K were removed. Until today, all radio stations in the Philippines begin with the letter D.

What followed in the next three decades is now collectively known as the golden years of Philippine radio. Programming flourished and a new breed of radio personalities became cultural icons. As the recording industry grew, the live orchestras of yore soon gave way to music on vinyl. Cover versions and Disc Jockeys came into being. Radio dramas hit an unprecedented boom, eventually translating to the celluloid screen.

Lina Flors immortal Gulong ng Palad, which debuted in 1949, led a slew of soap operas that filled the airlanes in the mornings and afternoons. Because they had the housewives and sometimes the rest of the domestic mnage as captive audiences, these dramatic serials were strongly supported by major advertisers whose sales messages got very close attention through each saga. Radio dramas picked up on domestic relations, but also featured action, adventure, horror, and even murder-mysteries. Appealing to the imagination as well as to real-life need, DZRH secretaries fondly remember some callers even insisting on speaking to Ginang Hukom herself.

Indeed, DZRH easily adopted the habit of setting trends and institutionalizing them. Sportscasting dean Willie Hernandez, the networks comptroller in the mid-fifties, lent his voice to sports coverages and in so doing, made legendary Filipino basketeers like Carlos Loyzaga, Francisco Rabat, and Luis Lorenzo household names.

The feisty commentator Rafael Yabut, also had his sterling years with DZRH. Starting out as the station electrician, he rose through the ranks to become the stations PR man. Loyal fans kept glued to their radios when he hosted the game show Ruleta Musikal. On the top-rating Tayoy Mag-aliw, Yabut dwelt on government and politics, family values, trivia, and entertainment.

But it is easily Dely Mapayo who has been – up to this day – the most widely known personality behind the microphone at DZRH. Her easy chatter, contagious laughter, and sparkling wit won her sponsors and hosts of listeners through her careers work. From the PMC-backed Tugtugin Natin to Himig Panghapunan in vintage years, and eventually the starkly simple Tiya Dely, which DZRH still airs today, the lady and the station have remained synonymous for over 50 years. Radio quiz shows also emanated from the DZRH studios. In Spell-to-Win, household appliances were at stake for someone who could spell words like bouillabaise. On Best of the Band, popular crooner Bimbo Danao tried to stump the audience with his original game format a-la name that tune. And on Palmolives Knowledge Unlimited, even listeners contributed questions such as what war took place in 1812?

The Vicks Variety show opened doors for a new program format that addressed Tagalog-speaking audiences with pop-concert presentation of Philippine music. Singer Jimmie Navarro who won the DZRH radio popularity poll, replaced Mystery Singer Cecil Lloyd and teamed up with Priscilla in performing a new romantic duet every week. While listeners wrote to request old favorites, new compositions were also introduced to the public.

Letter-sending, has indeed, contributed greatly to the way DZRH developed over the years. Ira Davis, who produced the long-running programs of Philippine Manufacturing Company, patiently read through thousands of letters that came in every week. The notes were routed to management and gave them firsthand information on what sort of radio entertainment even commercial copy that listeners preferred. And the advertisers took note of those market preferences.

In later years, DZRH received more immediate feedback — through the telephone, through pocket pagers, through mobile technology, and today, through cyberspace. But the formula remains the same: innovate…improve…listen…keep the pulse. And decades hence, the station which survived the horrors of war is also surviving the competition. DZRH as the flagship station of Manila Broadcasting Company is proud to be the purveyor of news as it should be delivered, adhering to the highest standards of broadcasting excellence in the country. It continues to be a witness to Philippine history as it unfolds, and yet remains faithful to the mandate of fair and responsible journalism. In 1986 it was the only station that aired nationwide a detailed account of the ouster of President Ferdinand Marcos. Three years later, DZRH reporters found themselves risking life and limb to keep the public abreast of the attempted coup detat, and manifesting its spirit of compassion to wounded rebel soldiers.

DZRH today boasts of veteran radioman Joe Taruc anchoring the DZRH team in defining the public affairs program genre from the Pinoy perspective. Despite the seeming erosion of the morning news by the telemagazines, Taruc remains confident that nothing beats the immediacy of radio.

DZRH News Director Andy Vital, on the other hand, has taken new media by the horns for the stations benefit. Internet radio and live chats are used to maximize the stations accessibility to audiences both here and abroad. He has also encouraged popular DZRH announcers like Ruth Abao and Rey Sibayan to maintain individual blogs. And with his iconic colleague Lakay Deo Macalma seemingly attuned to the secret lives of public figures and celebrities alike, vigilance in good governance through reports from his bubwits is still in keeping with the stations mien for popular entertainment. But perhaps it is in the field of public service where DZRH has truly earned its merits. Through Operation Tulong – the stations socio-civic arm first launched in 1978 — corporate social responsibility and anonymous Samaritans work hand in hand. Armed with their credo of Serbisyong Bayan, DZRH responds to the needs of the ordinary man-on-the-street with the same compassion and determination it devotes to massive disaster-relief operations, through networking support from advertisers, NGOs, and government agencies.

On its 69th anniversary, DZRH will conduct a medical-dental mission in cooperation with the Philippine Medical Association, Gat. Andres Bonifacio Medical Center, the Department of Health, the Philippine Air Force, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, PAGCOR, and other generous donors. DZRH has also invited the Optometrists Association of the Philippines to provide free eye examinations, with MBC donating 500 free eyeglasses. Teaming up with Islands Exhibit Link, the station will likewise hold a two-day Job Fair, with more than 40 participating companies and recruitment firms providing domestic and international work opportunities. DZRH has also invited the Public Attorneys office, Batas Barangay, and their network of lawyers to provide free legal assistance. And for those availing of these public service offerings, DZRH is also serving free porridge (lugaw) as a gesture of unity with the masses who have supported them all these years.

Over a decade ago, the station embarked on a One Nation, One Station initiative, expanding its coverage to an unprecedented 97% of the Philippine archipelago. To date, DZRH is the only station in the country that is on the air nationwide 24/7 on stereo-quality, simulcast via satellite to relay stations in key provincial cities. Through all these, DZRH and the top brass at Manila Broadcasting Company have remained fully cognizant of their target listeners and have used this to master their programming thrust. They have convinced advertisers to support their efforts at activation and integration in reaching mass audiences. DZRH taps into the consciousness of the Pinoy, takes inherent socio-cultural phenomena like fiestas, raffles, and machismo sports. . . and actively makes them tick. At the same time, through creative thinking by the staff and high-quality execution by their announcers, DZRH has translated traditional broadcasting techniques like talk-radio and soap operas into productive and impacting forms of integration or product placement that have become increasingly more efficient in moving brands across a complex media landscape.

But it is the way DZRH announcers today relate to their listeners that truly spells the difference. It is a legacy handed down through generations of broadcasters who knew their audiences. It is foresight brought about by the changing of the times. It is a style acquired through personal interaction with the man-on-the-street. And it is a mantle of leadership, new experiences, and empathy toward mankind brought about by having made it through 69 years.
Congratulations, DZRH kaunaunahan sa Pilipinas!

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Get the best of cabling products through online

Computers are a basic need in all places. Be it a workplace or home, you require computer and along with computers comes huge amounts of computer cabling. In various companies and firms there is always a need of computers and well coordinated computing cables. Same goes with the requirement of network topologies for links and nodes.

Are you searching for buying fibre cables? You need not go to any store to buy the computer cabling. Everything is available online. Welcome to the world of Internet. In the web world, you can get in touch with a gamut of companies who are engaged in offering a number of fibre cables. For instance, if you are putting up in Toronto, you can search for suppliers in that particular region. You can search for the most trusted suppliers. While you search you can get to know about the kinds of computer cabling Toronto you require. There are many companies which are offering fibre cables at industry leading prices. Some of the quality aspects that you should keep in mind while you purchase are:

Longevity in service Resistant to extreme temperatures Fully compliant with quality standards Temperature stability

In addition, these companies can offer services in network topologies as well. It is a layout pattern of interconnections of elements such as links, nodes, and others of a computer. Such services are also provided by the computer cabling companies. These service providers have a pool of talented professionals. With several years of experience and expertise, these professionals are able to meet all forms of requirements related to network topologies. Such requirement is seen normally in data centres, call centres, small offices and warehouses.

All you need to do is just go ahead with the service providers. You can visit their website and contact them. As you mention the details, they start working on right away. You can get all these products and services at industry leading prices. This way, you get the computer cabling Toronto at the best comprehensive packages.

Are you are searching for a reliable service provider and a supplier for fibre cables? Need not worry. Under the roof of Internet, everything is possible. You can get what not. All you have to do is just mention your needs. What are you waiting for? Just go ahead with the best of service providers of network topologies and suppliers of computer cabling Toronto and Fibre Cable.

Samsung Galaxy S2- The True Name Of Technology

In today’s advanced living mobile phone is one of the most important need of a person these days. Samsung is one of the leading manufacturer in market that has grabbed attention of many people. This smart handset has been filled with several astonishing features and applications that makes it truly worth for buying. Till now Samsung galaxy S2 is rumored and this smart handset is not yet officially announced in market.

According to the sources Samsung Galaxy S2 comes furnished with several fantastic features which makes it really a fantastic device. Users can find Samsung Galaxy S2 with many latest applications and features that are enlisted below:

Eye-popping Applications that keeps you updated

Social networking integration.
Digital compass.
MP4/DivX/WMV/H.264/H.263 player.
MP3/WAV/eAAC+/AC3/FLAC player.
Image/video editor.
Document editor (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF).
Google Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, Google Talk, Picasa integration.
Voice memo/dial/commands.
Predictive text input .

Get A better view –

Samsung Galaxy S2 can give its customers a better viewing option as this superb device has a 3.7 inches of Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors and along with the size of 480 x 800 pixels.

Its Display has been made more attractive with the additional features which makes Samsung Galaxy S2 really an alluring handset.

Gorilla Glass display.
TouchWiz UI.
Multi-touch input method.
Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate.
Touch-sensitive controls.
Proximity sensor for auto turn-off.
Swype text input.

Additional Features :

Samsung mobile phones are always recognized for their better performance and it is only with the multimedia feature that Samsung mobile phones comes installed with. Customers can find Samsung galaxy S2 furnished with many features which are some of the most important part of the handset.

High resolution camera- Samsung Galaxy S2 has a inbuilt camera of 5 Mega Pixel that comes with the resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels and additional features like Geo-tagging, auto focus, touch focus, face and smile detection which provides you with the enhanced picture quality and makes your photographs look lifelike.

Samsung Galaxy S2 runs on the operating system of Android OS, v2.3 (Gingerbread) that comes added with the 1.4 GHz processor which makes that smart phone a better performer.
The larger internal memory of Samsung galaxy S2 has been added with the option of micro SD card that expands the internal storage space up to 32GB so that users can store their favorite music, videos and other favorable stuff in the vast storage space available.