Announced More Carriers For Mobile Recharges To Kuwait, Paraguay And Dominican

Atlanta, Georgia, January 20, 2014 – is expanding its business and network by adding 4 new telecom carriers for online international mobile recharges. Viva and Zain are the first ones for recharges to Kuwait in the list of destinations on New mobile recharge carriers include also Moun in Dominican Republic and Personal in Paraguay.

Zain mobiles in Kuwait can now be recharged from any other country worldwide without high expenses for international top ups. The company is considered the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, a friendly business on the local market and a pretty active charity agent. They offer diverse services for both personal use and businesses, and are considered an innovative and high-quality supporter of customer needs. The minimum amount to recharge is $12.

Viva is available for recharges to Kuwait as well. It offers local and international mobile credit and Internet traffic for both business and individual customers. On customers can recharge a Viva mobile in Kuwait with minimum $12.

Personal in Paraguay is now the second option for international mobile recharges to Paraguay. They offer calling plans and other telecommunication packages, as well as devices. The minimum top up value accepted on for Personal Paraguay is $5.35, while for Tigo, the other carrier available for Paraguay is $5.98.

Moun Dominican Republic mobiles can now be recharged through The new carrier fills in the list of the networks available for top ups to Dominican Republic: Orange, Viva, Claro and Tricom. The minimum amount available for recharge is $5.

Other promotions for international top ups can be found in the Promotions section on, in the upper menu. Also, promotions are often advertised by email for those holding a free online account and having subscribed to the Newsletter.

Besides the frequent promotions, what makes stand out among similar services are also the simplified online recharge process and the fast credit transfer.

Customers can independently use a comprehensive Help Center or join the Community page. Also, the 24/7 Customer Service is reachable by chat and email in both English and Spanish. guarantees 100% transaction security and satisfaction. All major payment methods are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. Moreover, payment is available in several currencies: US, Australian or Canadian Dollars, plus British Pounds and Euros. The payment security system is known as very strong.

About is a brand of KeepCalling, global telecommunications company registered in the USA. mission is to facilitate international mobile recharges in terms of quality of service, price, assistance and accessibility. has been created as a friendly tool for easy online recharges and hosts the major mobile recharge operators in the world and the most attractive daily promotions. KeepCalling, the company behind provides its services to over 200,000 consumers and businesses, with a focus on customer satisfaction. In 2013, Inc Magazine listed KeepCalling as the 16th fastest growing company in the telecommunications industry.

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Dot To Approve Rilstest Voice Services On 4g Network

A report by the Economic Times stated that the Department of Telecommunications (DOT) might soon grant approval to MukeshAmbani ledRIL (Reliance Industries Limited) for carrying out testson its 4G networks.

It has also mentioned that a specific department of DOT, Telecommunication Engineering Service (TEC) has put forward the idea of offering around 10,000 mobile numbers to support its testing process. Furthermore, it has also given a go ahead to InfotelBroadband,owned, and managed by RIL, for connecting its network to other operators wherein these it will be possible for them to make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls using these 10,000 test numbers. This department caters to the research and development of new products and services and is at the helm of establishing new standards.

However, it has levied rules and regulations ensuring that the testing is restricted to specific geographic areas and same equipment is put to use for varied tests effectuated in different circles. DOT has also forbidden Reliance Infotelfrom engaging in offering any kind of commercial services and has announced a definite time for carrying out these testing activities.

While RILclearly rubbished rumors of its tie- up with any other company for offering its voice services earlier this year, it also recently confirmed about its plans of manufacturing its own handsets, in tune with its 4G services. Even as the present telecom policy does not sanction the provision of voice services through 4G licenses, the new telecom policy soon to roll out in 2013, is expected to come as a relief, permitting operators to provide voice services through 4G or BWA, following the deploying of a new framework advocating liberalizationof spectrum utilization, in the country.

A few days back, there were reports of the conglomerate investing $ 10bn on its 4G network wherein it collaborated with Spirit DSP for offering voice and video call services(VVOIP), similar to Skype, in its upcoming LTE network. Thisdeal allows Spirits TeamSpirit voice and video engine to be accredited as Infotels.

Based on the present reports, RIL has set the stage for rolling out its 4G service, in mid2013, in Mumbai and Delhi, initially. For the same, it has embarked on varied collaborations with top-notch companies like Ericsson and Samsung for building its network, IBM for IT support, Microsoft for security solutions, Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd (HFCL) for building optical fiber cable network in targeted cities (Delhi and Mumbai) , where it intends to roll out its services, initially.

Choose to Lose – techniques of negotiation

Negotiation and Conflict

Conflict is a fact of life. In theory we negotiate in order to avoid conflict, but is that really the case?

Think for a few minutes about how you view the link between conflict and negotiation. Are the two mutually exclusive? Is conflict a part of negotiation or does conflict come about because negotiation fails? Is negotiation the alternative to conflict? Does conflict only come about because when we dont negotiate?

In order to reduce the amount of conflict that you feel, and to make sure you win your negotiations every time, lets look at a few principles and potential approaches to negotiation.

Principles of Negotiation

If you are negotiating and you get what you want then you win. If you fail to get what you want then you lose.

In a negotiation between two parties then, broadly speaking, there are 2 possible outcomes. These are Win / Lose and Win / Win.

The difference? If one party gets all of what they want and the other party doesnt then its a Win / Lose. If both parties get (some) of what they want then its a Win / Win.

Research shows that, in a single round of negotiations, the party that goes for Win /Lose, and wins, wins big.

Imagine this as a scenario. You are selling tee shirts on a market stall and a customer asks “how much for a tee shirt?” You reply “five pounds.” The customer says “thats too much. Ill give you three” and you reply “no the price is five.”

If you win this negotiation you win big because you get all of what you want.

In contrast, if you went for a Win / Win situation it could look something like this. The customer asks “how much for a tee shirt?” You reply “five pounds.” The customer says “thats too much. Ill give you three” and you reply “I cant do it for three. The customer then says How about meeting me in the middle, four pounds?”

If you win in this scenario then you win less than in the first scenario.

So why would you go for Win / Win?

In the two scenarios, how does the other party feel? In the first scenario will they be happy and satisfied with the deal, or are the likely to feel a little bruised and resentful?

Research has shown that over many rounds of negotiation between the same parties the people going for Win / Win will actually win much more than those that go for Win / Lose all of the time.

This is because, if you have gone for a Win / Lose negotiation to start with then the other party is likely to enter into any subsequent negotiations with a much harder stance whereas the parties that have already established a Win / Win relationship and done the deal can move on to bigger things

“So how much is that fleece?” “Fifteen pounds.” “Youll have to give me a better deal than that” “OK. I can do two fleeces for twenty five pounds.” “What can you do three for?”

Now, these guys are really starting to make some progress.

Avaya Certified Support Specialist (acss) – Avaya Aura Contact Center

The ACSS – Avaya Aura Contact Center certification confirms that you have the innovative level of specialized expertise necessary to efficiently assistance Avaya Aura Contact Center items, such as set up, settings, control, servicing and problem solving.

Qualified applicants generally have at least four decades of encounter in the appropriate technology and up to two decades of encounter assisting the Avaya Aura Contact Center item.

The effective selection can:
Demonstrate information of item structure, components, features, and functions
Install the item components and software
Test, confirm, and diagnose the implementation
Configure the item for hand-off to Day 2 administration
Administer, sustain, and diagnose advanced to innovative configurations
Interpret and take care of customer details appropriate to the items and components
The following programs help you get ready for this qualification.

Avaya Aura Contact Center Administration (3609)
This course is an excellent follow-on to execution training and a good fit for staff, managers, and assistance employees.
In this course, you understand how to accessibility Contact Center Administrator Administration (CCMA) and set up Limit Sessions, Contact Demonstration Sessions, Skill-sets, Contact Center Providers, and Contact Center Supervisors. You will understand how to set up Directors through the several components of Access and Partition Management and how to large fill information into the CCMA using the Configuration Device.

You will analyze the change user interface and the getting sources, and you will discover different methods of system control, such as watching, creating, and changing tabular and visual real-time shows and decoding, watching, changing, and organizing conventional and user-defined traditional reviews.
You will understand control through live SIP- and AML-based systems linked with CS 1000 and Aura ME systems.

What You’ll Learn
Auras of Contact Center Manager
Access Contact Center Administrator Administration
Configure Limit Classes
Administer Contact Center Administrator Administration Resources in a SIP Environment
Configure Contact Demonstration Sessions and Multiplicity Demonstration Classes

Configure Skill sets
Configure Volume Load Data Configuration in a SIP Environment
Configure Contact Center Management
Configure Access and Partition Management
Configure Real-Time Research and Formulas
Real-Time Reporting
Configure Broker Pc Displays
Configure Historical Statistics
Interpret Historical Reports
Schedule and Print Historical Reports
Configuring CCMA Resources and Contact Center Management in an AML Environment

Who Needs to Attend
Contact center employees whose actions consist of control and control of Avaya Aura Contact Center using Contact Center Administrator Administration

Understanding of primary telecommunications
Ability to use call center telephone features according to customer specifications
Ability to use Avaya specialized publications
Experience using Windows 98/XP/2000/2003
Familiarity with Client/Server structure and networking
Aura Contact Center Administration Analyze is generally given by the applicants who are professionals and good at the specialized side, especially at the greatest and most innovative levels, which may be required while managing the items of Aura contact center.

The question design of the examination is more likely and focused to one that is given during the assessments taken for job. The applicants who are eligible this 3300 examination and complete the qualification, get employed within a short period time by the companies which need services, especially specialized, appropriate to the technology used in Edge Center. The abilities, that are usually made serious observe of, consist of the primary information about the items and set up ability along with the abilities of item problem solving as well as servicing.

Ooma Review Is Voip Really Good Enough

A couple of years ago Ooma VoIP devices came onto the telecommunications scene.

For a quite a while now, the communications industry has been getting us all hyped up on VoIP with companies like Vonage leading the charge in selling the service.

If you’re like me, the monthly cost of communications has gotten to be a significant part of the monthly budget. Any way to save a buck or two is always on my radar, but I wasn’t willing to take the plunge until I knew I could rely on it. Internet, land line phone, mobile phone, TV, streaming entertainment…it’s gotten ridiculous! These “essentials” can end up competing with food expenditures!

he idea is enticing…Voice over Internet Protocol…essentially, using the Internet to transmit phone calls. You already have Internet access; why not just use it for your voice calls?

The “early adopters” explored the early days of VoIP offerings and the reports were not terribly encouraging. Buffering, freezing, weird echo-ing…the technology just wasn’t up to snuff.

Then came Ooma.

In 2009 the Ooma Core VoIP was launched. This was soon followed by the Ooma Hub and Ooma Scout.

What immediately set Ooma apart was the crystal clear voice quality. Ooma set the standard with the leading edge technology and the ease of use.

The latest offering on the market is Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service.

As technology is apt to do, this new device has become even smaller and sleeker than its predecessors. It’s a simple, unobtrusive device to add to your home.

It’s also incredibly easy to use. Plug your modem into the Ooma Telo and plug your phone into the Ooma Telo. Voila!

The options are great too. Get a new phone number, or keep your old one. Use BlueTooth to connect your mobile to the Ooma. Get rid of your land line altogether or keep it as a backup. Full 911 access even sends your address to emergency services.

You can even upgrade to the Ooma Premier package for more features. You get to try all of them for free and then decide if you want to keep them.